Tahoma Monastery

Zazen at Tahoma
Public meditation is offered every day at Tahoma Zen Monastery.  For information on our form and the scheduled periods for sitting, please see our Zazen page. The monastery schedule and other monastery events can be found on the Calendar page.

Seven day OSesshin (retreats) with Shodo Roshi are held at Tahoma in February, May and September.  Shorter retreats with both Shodo Roshi and Daichi Zenni are held in May and September.  Zazen days, one day retreats, and KoSesshins are also occasionally put on by monastery residents. Details on sesshin can be found on the Sesshin page.  Information on other monastery events can be found on the Events page.

Every Sunday, we have Zazenkai (community sitting) from 8:00 a.m. until approximately 9:00 a.m. followed by an informal tea.  Zazenkai includes sutra chanting, zazen meditation, and a short exercise period. Afterwards, tea and sweets are served, and there is an opportunity for questions, discussion, and conversation.  Zen beginners encouraged. Details can be found on the Zazenkai page.

All of the scheduled events and activities held at Tahoma Zen Monastery can be found on the Schedules and Calendar page.

Visiting and Residency

We welcome visitors to Tahoma for a tour, or to just walk the grounds. We ask that those driving to the monastery park either in the back parking lot or at the side lot where the driveway splits to the left. If you would like to come for our public meditation or other events please see the information on the Zazen page or the Events page.

Current students of Harada Roshi are eligible to be residents of the monastery. Those who are not currently students of the Roshi are advised to attend sesshin here. Rinzai Zen involves working closely with the teacher and it is incumbent that there is an established relationship between student and teacher.  The best way to assess whether one would like to work with a teacher is by attending sesshin.  From there further discussion can be had regarding long term residency at the monastery. All residents are expected to adhere to our practice schedule and the rules for residency.

Directions to the Monastery
Maps, driving directions, public transportation and other information pertinent to making your way to Tahoma Zen Monastery can be found our the Location and Directions page.