Zen and the Art of Tea

On Saturday April 3rd, we’ll meet online at 10:00am PDT (13:00 EDT, 19:00 CET) to attend a tea ceremony (Chanoyu). 

An opportunity for us to gather, share a bowl of tea, a quote or verse, and celebrate the awakening of spring. 

See the attachment for a calligraphy and commentary by Roshi of the verse:

“ Scoop up water and the moon is in your hands. Toy with flowers and their fragrance scents your garments..”

Sokan will host the tea ceremony, offering tea and lead us through preparing our own bowl of matcha if we wish. No matcha? please brew a cup of your favourite drink and come along. 

Once we’ve made our tea, we’ll quietly savour the moment together, and if we wish, take turns and share a verse or quote that inspires us. Being together, creating a quiet space, sharing spare words. 

Before the tea ceremony starts, we’ll open with zazen, so organize your tea items before hand. 

Depending on time there may be questions, and discussion on the practice of tea and zen after the closing. 

We plan to gather on the first saturday of each month and share tea. 

“Chanoyu must be made with the heart,
not with the hand.
Make it without making it,
in the stillness of your mind”

Hamamoto Soshun

Join the Event via Zoom at this URL: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4166803936?pwd=T2Fob2QyMnVUaFBHV3pZK09EQVNhZz09

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Gensho & Sokan 

Rohatsu in December with Daichi Zenni

Daichi Zenni will be here in December for Rohatsu.

Rohatsu commemorates the December days Shakyamuni Butsu (Buddha) sat under the Bodhi tree and awakened fully.

Dates are:

Dec 21 Chisan arrives
Dec 22 Preparation day, Kokuho (opening talk in evening)
Dec 23 Day 1
Dec 24 Day 2
Dec 25 Day 3
Dec 26 Day 4
Dec 27 Day 5, Setsuryo (closing talk in evening)
Dec 28 Chisan departs

Typical schedule (subject to change; may be more zazen for Rohatsu)

3:50 A.M. On Cushion
4:00 Choka (morning chanting)
4:40 Zazen
5:00 Zazen, Sanzen
7:00 Breakfast

7:40 Personal cleaning
8:00 Temple Cleaning
8:30 Samu (work)
10:15 tea break- until 10:45 A.M.
12:00 Samu ends

12:30 Lunch
4:00 Freestyle supper
4:50 On Cushion
5:00 Zazen
6:30 zazen, sanzen
8:30 Sarei (tea)
9:00 Kachin
9:30 Yaza