Winter Retreat 2022

February 14-20th, 2022

We begin the Spring Training period with a virtual weeklong winter retreat recommitting ourselves to our great vow. For this retreat we will focus on the foundations of our practice. There will be a morning instructional talk that will emphasize right view, the condition of our minds that facilitate practice, right effort, the way that we direct our attention and energy to fruitful practice and the cultivation of being in alignment with what is. There will be opportunities throughout the week for feedback, questions and dialog during this period. The afternoon dharma talks will build on the morning instruction with discourse on the essentials of practice: great trust, the fury of great determination and great uncertainty.  We will use numerous sources for these topics, but the Chan Whip Anthology by Jeffery Broughton will be the primary text.

Participants are encouraged to commit for as much of the retreat as they are able to do. Once you’ve committed to a schedule stick to it. We can get as much out of a virtual retreat as any period of sustained practice, but it is up to us.  The schedule that will be followed at the monastery can be found here which you can use to coordinate self-directed work practice, physical practice, meals and breaks.  Observe noble silence throughout, for sesshin is a retreat from words and language as much as anything else. In all activities take the single minded approach of practice.

Broadcast Schedule
5am to 7am: Choka; Zazen
9:30am to Noon: Instructional Talk; Zazen
2pm to 4:00pm: Dharma Talk; Zazen
5:30pm to 8:30pm: Zazen 

Essential Information
• Download the full schedule: Winter Retreat Schedule
• Download updated text for Outside Practices: Outside Practices
• Download the sutra book: Virtual Sutra book
• Instructional Talks Archive: Instructional Talks.
• Read these posts:  Guidelines for Virtual Events and Orientation to Virtual Sesshin.
• To receive the links for Virtual Events by email: Tahoma Virtual Events mailing list.

Zoom Link:  [Event has passed]

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2022 Winter Retreat

February 14th-20th, 2022

February finds us deep in the icy depths of winter, a time for hibernation, inside work and contemplation. A perfect time for deep, sustained practice. We will hold a Winter Retreat on this second week of February and take this opportunity for intensive practice. This retreat will be online only and will be more oriented toward the virtual experience. As we come into February there will be a detailed post with the full schedule, practice details and study material. This information will also be published in February Newsletter (subscribe here). To have our virtual events and their zoom links emailed to you join our Events Mailing list (subscribe here).

Tentative Broadcast Schedule
5am to 7am: Choka; Zazen
9:30am to Noon: Instructional Talk; Zazen
2pm to 4:00pm: Dharma Talk; Zazen
5:30pm to 8:30pm: Zazen