May 2022 Sesshin


To be placed on the waitlist for the OSesshin please complete the below application.
You can register for the KoSesshin through May 7th.

Dear One Drop Sangha and Friends,

The May 2022 training period at Tahoma Zen Monastery begins with a Samu Kosesshin May 8th through May 12th.  This Samu Kosesshin will take place prior to the arrival of Harada Roshi and Daichi Zenni.  An Osesshin led by Harada Roshi follows.  Please note that applications are available to those fully vaccinated with a booster.  

Samu Kosesshin: Sunday, May 8th – Thursday, May 12th, 2022
Kokuho is Sunday evening, May 8th.  Samu Kosesshin, led by Tendo and Tahoma staff, concludes the evening of Thursday, May 12th.  Part time participation is permitted and encouraged.  Please contact Tendo at if you have questions about this Samu Kosesshin.    

Osesshin: Saturday, May 14th – Saturday, May 21st, 2022
Kokuho is Saturday evening, May 14th.  Osesshin, led by Harada Roshi, concludes the evening of Saturday, May 21st.  Full time participation is required.

The application deadline for Osesshin is Sunday, April 10th.  The application deadline for the Samu Kosesshin is May 7th. Osesshin acceptance emails will be sent soon after the deadline date of April 10th.  Please send your sesshin fee once you have been notified of your acceptance.  Payment information will be included in the acceptance email. 

The cost of Osesshin is $400.  There is no cost to attend the Samu Kosesshin.  Those attending the Kosesshin may consider making a donation to the temple.  

Apply Now: [Deadlne has passed]


*Following our long hiatus in gathering, any help with set up before or clean up following Osesshin would be greatly appreciated.

*As we plan for May Osesshin, the Tahoma staff is working to organize as safe a practice period as possible.  The Covid situation is quite fluid.  We are following the Washington State regulations and will continuously update our policies to conform.  We are hopeful that we will be able to conduct our May 2022 Osesshin but recognize that our plans, as well as the dates, may need to change suddenly and without notice.  For those purchasing airline tickets please be prepared to cancel your reservations. 

*We recommend that persons who are immunocompromised or have chronic medical issues not attend this practice period.

*Please consider that the monastery does not have any facilities available to isolate should you become ill and does not have staff to assist in your care if you become ill.  If you are not able to continue with the Osesshin schedule you will need to find a place to quarantine outside of the monastery.  

*There is no financial aid available for the Osesshin.  

*There may be a waitlist for this Osesshin.  Those on the waitlist will be contacted immediately as spaces become available. 

Thank you,
Rozan Lenny Gerson
Osesshin registrar
Tahoma Zen Monastery

May Practice Period Canceled

Dear One Drop Sangha and Friends, 

After further deliberation and consultation Harada Roshi has determined that it is no longer feasible to conduct our May practice period as planned.  The May 2020 practice period at Tahoma Zen Monastery is cancelled.   We look forward to training together again in September.  

Rozan Lenny Gerson
Registrar, Tahoma Zen Monastery

Samu Day at Tahoma April 27th

The May 2019 training period at Tahoma Zen Monastery begins on Sunday May 5th.  We will have a day of samu on Saturday, April 27th so that we may all work together to ready the monastery for this period of training. Samu is a natural extension of our training allowing us to freely move from work on the cushion to simple work with our hands, to the complex interactions of our daily lives. This day of samu will allow us to engage in this deep work and to share our efforts with the sangha.  So please join us for any part of the work period that you can. A simple lunch will be provided after the samu period.

Samu Day Schedule
5:00am Choka
6:00am Zazen
7:00am Formal Breakfast
8:30am Samu begins
12:15pm Samu Ends/Cleanup
12:30pm Lunch

We will be on the regular monastery schedule on this day and everyone is welcome to come for any part of it. If you would like to come for choka and take part in the formal morning meal do let us know you are coming for planning purposes. Please email us at

Directions to the monastery can be found here.