May 2024 OSesshin

The May 2024 OSesshin with Harada Roshi at Tahoma Zen Monastery begins with kokuho on the evening of Wednesday, May 15th and concludes the evening of Wednesday, May 22nd. 

OSesshin: Wednesday, May 15th – Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

  • Kokuho is Wednesday evening, May 15th.
  • Full-time participation is required. OSesshin concludes the evening of Wednesday, May 22nd.
  • The link to the OSesshin application is near the bottom of this email. 
  • The fee is $480. $450 is for the OSesshin, and $30 is for covid testing supplies and masks. Information about our covid protocol is below.
  • Donations to support financial aid are welcomed. Information about financial aid is provided on the application.

The application deadline for OSesshin is Sunday, April 14th. You will receive an email regarding your acceptance or wait list status soon after the deadline date of April 14th. Please send your sesshin fee once you have been notified of your acceptance. Payment information will be included in the acceptance email.


  • After a covid outbreak during our February Osesshin, we updated our safety protocol, which will include vaccination with the latest booster, a self-testing protocol, and masking. Please note that your application for Osesshin will be considered only if you have gotten or commit to getting the most recent booster (released in the Fall 2023) and provide documentation. In addition, you must self-test before leaving for sesshin and mask consistently during public transportation.

Please note that if you require a Covid-19 booster you must get it two or more weeks prior to traveling for sesshin.

  • Any help with set up before or clean up following OSesshin would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to arrive a day or two before sesshin and/or stay a day or two after sesshin please contact the monastery to make arrangements. The monastery email address is
  • We hope that we will be able to conduct our May 2024 OSesshin but recognize that our plans, as well as the dates, may need to change suddenly and without notice. If you are purchasing airline tickets please be prepared to cancel your reservations.
  • There may be a wait list for this OSesshin. Those on the wait list will be contacted immediately as spaces become available.

Apply here: OSesshin Application

Thank you,
Rozan Lenny Gerson
Osesshin registrar
Tahoma Zen Monastery