Zen and Chado August 28th

Clouds dwell on the mountain peaks, completely still
Water flows down through the valleys, bubbling noisily

Dear Friends
On Saturday August 28th we’ll meet online at 10:00am (PDT, 1:00pm EDT, 7:00pm CET) for an opportunity to share the Way of Tea.

Sokan will offer Chado (formal tea) and lead us through preparing our own bowl of matcha. [No matcha? please brew a cup of your favourite and come along.] Once we’ve made our bowl, we’ll savour our tea, and if we wish share a verse or quote that inspires us. We’ll start with a short zazen, then Sokan will offer formal tea, followed by our preparing our own. Sokan will open our conversation and if we wish we’ll take time and offer poems, quotes, and share our experience.

Please join the event via Zoom:

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