Sesshin Information

Sesshin is a sitting meditation retreat at Tahoma Zen Monastery, usually held for 5 – 7 days.

Sesshin (Zen Retreat) with Shodo Harada Roshi is held three times a year at Tahoma; in February, May, and September.

A seven day Osesshin (Great Retreat) is held in February and September.
A seven day Samu Osesshin is held in May. This involves a longer work period between breakfast and lunch, but still includes teisho (zen lecture or Dharma talk) in afternoon.

Kosesshin (Small Retreat) also offered at various times by Harada Roshi and Daichi Zenni.

Sesshin begins with a Kokuho (evening opening ceremony) the evening before the first day of Sesshin. Usually this means being on the cushion by 7:45 in the Zendo for an 8 pm opening ceremony, with a short dharma talk, followed by Kaichin (chanting) in the kitchen at 9 pm.

We usually start Kokuho (opening) days with supper at 4 pm, mandatory orientation at 5 pm, and zazen at 7:45 pm. This is always the DAY BEFORE the first day of sesshin.

Schedules, guidelines for conduct, and directions to the monastery can be found here,

Attending Osesshin is a commitment to full time participation.  Kosesshin allows for less than full time participation.  In order for kosesshin to run smoothly we request that you provide your arrival and departure dates and approximate times, and keep us updated of changes.  Temple housing is limited so we appreciate your flexibility.  Any help with set up before or clean up following sesshin is greatly appreciated.  There may be a wait-list for any “segment” of this month of practice. People on the wait-list will be contacted immediately as spaces become available.

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Once you’ve explored the information on the site you can contact us at: sesshin AT tahomazenmonastery DOT org

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