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Tahoma Zen Monastery is completely supported by your donations. For information on donating please see the Donations page.


77 Trees
Working together, enacting a 1,000 year view over 1,000 days, we are planting trees to celebrate what we’ve received from the past and what we pass to the future. Seventy-seven trees is a large number and we are not able to plant them in a single season given we need to prepare the forest and organize the work. We’ve outlined our approach below. Giving ourselves a thousand days to transform an aging alder forest into a vibrant food forest allows the time to integrate the work into our practice and share the knowledge with as many as wish to participate. For more information and to get involved please see the 77 Trees page.

The latest project to be undertaken at Tahoma is a Columbarium. Work began in the summer of 2019 on Jusen’s Garden, which will surround the columbarium. The columbarium and garden are made possible entirely by your donations and the labor of the sangha. To contribute to the project please see the donations page or contact us if you’d like to help with the physical project.