Dharma Relief

The Tallahassee Chan Center along with numerous other Buddhist groups are working to help bring much needed medical supplies to the many places in need. We at Tahoma wish to support their efforts and to spread the word. They need donations, help coordinating distribution and spreading the word amongst various sangha’s. Below is information on their goals and needs, please do what you can to support this effort.
-Tendo Zenji
head monk Tahoma Zen Monastery

In facing the COVID-19 pandemic, what can we do as Buddhists? We have resorted to our spiritual practice to help ourselves and others, to be calm in times of uncertainty. What can we do collectively, joining our forces as a Mahasangha to help others?

Compassionate action lies at the heart of Buddhist practice. Today, healthcare workers are the first response to those who are seriously ill with COVID-19. There is already a critical shortage of medical supplies in hospitals nationwide, and need increases every day, with lag of several weeks before US manufacturers can meet the demand. Through the networks of the Tallahassee Chan Center (part of the Dharma Drum Lineage of Chan), we are able to import FDA approved class-2 surgical masks manufactured in China. We invite you to join the international Buddhist sangha, the Mahasangha, to help us procure the resources to help our healthcare workers.

Please go to the Dharma Relief Project COVID-19 website (https://dharmarelief.org/), to donate or sign up to help coordinate the distribution of masks to hospitals in your area. For details, please contact the Tallahassee Chan Center (tallahassee.chan@gmail.com). please share this message widely.