One Drop LA Tanden Zendo

In looking for the best way to serve our sangha in deepening zen experience we have changed our Saturday meetups from two-hour zazen every Saturday to every other Saturday from 6:50am to noon, increasing the intensity of our sitting. For the moment, interest in participation has increased where our zendo has been full for gatherings.
Inside the five hours, we have 40 minutes of chanting with prostrations, 6 zazen periods, 3 kinhins, 2 keisaku periods, one free style meal with tea break which divides the zazen blocks, a reading from writings of Harada Roshi and last chant, followed by clean up. We ask a donation of $10-$20.

Naming our Saturday meetups “Sesshin-Saturdays” we give the feel of a typical sesshin day. Members are encouraged to have at home a daily zazen schedule. We are in the lineage of Shodo Harada Roshi.

If interested, please contact Jikun:
ph.: 310.259.8759 (call or text)
Address: 208 W. 64th Street / Inglewood, CA 90302