ODZA and Affiliates

One Drop Zen Buddhist Association
Students of Harada Roshi having trained for longer periods of time at Sogenji Monastery in Okayama Japan, returned to their home countries and started small sitting groups to continue and support their practice. Now there are One Drop Zendos in many countries that offer the possibility for old and new practitioners to join and practice together. For information on the One Drop groups around please visit the One Drop Communities page.

Enso House
Enso House is a home for people of all faiths who desire comfort care at the end of life. It is unique in its ability to provide emotional and spiritual support to individuals in the final phase of life. Enso House places special emphasis on caring for hospice patients who desire a supportive environment to deepen their spiritual exploration. The intention is to enable each individual to live the time remaining to them with grace and dignity and with full opportunity for inner healing, growth and completion. For more information please visit the Enso House website.

One Drop Seattle Water Moon
Seattle’s center for zazen, in the Rinzai tradition of Yamada Mumon Roshi, Shodo Harada Roshi, and Daichi Zenni. Water Moon offers public zazen online several times a week and host special events throughout the year. For full schedule, upcoming actives and directions please visit the Seattle One Drop Water Moon page.

LA One Drop Tanden Zendo
The One Drop Zendo of Los Angeles was formally opened by Shodo Harada Roshi on September 17, 1997, where for four months it remained an oasis for general meditation practice. Regular Zazen, KoSesshin with Harada Roshi and other special events are regularly held at Tanden Zendo. For contact information, schedules and upcoming events, do visit the LA One Drop Tanden Zendo pages at the One Drop website.

Hidden Valley Zen Center
We are a Buddhist lay and monastic practice community in the hills of North County, San Diego. Our practice is about coming to the deepest possible Awakening—for the benefit of all beings—and manifesting it in every aspect of our lives. We call this “360-Degree Practice. With Sozui Zenni as teachers they offer a full schedule of zazen, sesshin and special events. For more details please visit the Hidden Valley Zen Center website.

Affiliated Groups

Mountain GateSanmonji
Mountain Gate-Sanmonji was established in 1996 by Mitra Bishop, Roshi on her return from Japan where she had been training at Sogen-ji Monastery. She had felt a strong affinity with land outside of Santa Fe ever since living there in the 1980’s. The temple is located in a beautiful valley in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico, immediately adjacent to the Carson National Forest. For more information please visit the Sanmonji website.