77Trees; birthday tea with Roshi

Tea, offering Roshi 77 Trees

First, Roshi thanks you deeply for your contribution to the 77 Trees project.

This birthday gift from you and others was presented to Roshi in his cottage after events at Bayview Hall on September 10th. Roshi gave talk and then we gave him a the surprise birthday.

Roshi was touched by the generosity shown by his students and their awareness of how deeply he values the land of Tahoma. As we discussed our suggestions of how to bring about this gift, Roshi carefully considered and then refined our offering to match with his perception and vision.

Roshi requested that we give our attention to the entry to the temple itself. Changing some of the plantings so that it becomes evident that one has arrived at a Zen monastery. By both adding some trees that over the decades will grow to express the gravitas embodied in the practice; and prune or replace the brush that fills the space between the existing trees.

By staying to the left on the main drive into the monastery one goes directly to the Columbarium and the surrounding woods. The area around the Columbarium is mainly aging Alders, Roshi would appreciate us creating a peaceful extension to the Columbarium by replacing the Alders with new plantings.

Roshi pointed out that we should not add trees that we cannot care for, so our planting must keep place with our providing irrigation and other support to the trees until the are fully established. Within the woods a number of native species will thrive with minimum care once established. We plan to use a variety of native trees including; Red Cedar, Western Hemlock, Bigleaf Maple, Garry Oak, and Walnut among others.

We will add a number of fruit trees and shrubs within the bounds of our current orchard-garden and some in the woods to support wildlife. We’ve already purchased additional Pear trees for the orchard, ordered Dogwood and nut trees and received donations of local Garry Oak seedlings.

Roshi was grateful and pleased by the generosity of the community. We told Roshi our ideas and listened as he unpacked his present and told us what was in the box.

Thank you for supporting our latest activity to grow the grounds as Roshi sees them and to maintain a healthy forest and woodland.

Next March 23rd-28th, Chisan roshi will lead Kosesshin, and on March12th-21st, there will be a Garden retreat. Samu will focus on planting, pruning, and, we will be in the garden, the orchard, the grounds and the woods.

Donations to the project are gratefully received