Zazenkai June 9th, 2024

Every Sunday from 8am to around 9:30am we hold community practice, or Zazenkai. It is a straightforward service with chanting, zazen, a short talk an opportunity at the end for casual conversation. Join us and meet the local sangha, learn the basics of Rinzai form and engage in the practice. For those unable to attend in person it is also available online via Zoom:

Zoom Link:

For more information on online Zazenkai see this post: Virtual Zazenkai

Please download our full chant book for our opening chants: Virtual Sutra Book
We typically chant the Heart Sutra, page 1, Hakuin Zenji’s Song of Zazen, page 11 and The Four Bodhisattva Vows., page 16.

Throughout 2024 we will be reading from a collection of essay’s written by Mumon Roshi on Hakuin’s zenji’s Song of Zazen. A popular text in Japan since its publication the great Hakuin translator Norman Waddell translated it and it was published in Japan a year ago. In February of 2024 Shambhala released the book worldwide: Hakuin’s Song of Zazen (Amazon).

Please note that we have setup a mailing list that will send out the Zoom link every week. Click to Join the Tahoma Events Mailing List

We are only able hold these events thanks your generous support.

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