March 18th Zazen Intensive

As we move into spring we are going reformulate our monthly intensive.  Instead of being modeled on a retreat day we will simply offer a full day of Zazen. This will run from 9am to ~9pm in three, three hour blocks. One can come for as much or as little as one wishes. The schedule is such that people can easily travel here for the event and thus there is no residency option. There will not be meals served, but one is of course free to bring food or have meals off campus.

All periods are open for drop in attendance. Each hour will include zazen followed by kinhin, with the zazen periods following the schedule below. One can stay for as many periods as one is able. Please arrive/depart during the kinhin (walking meditation) periods. We will continue to broadcast the sitting periods via Zoom for those unable to attend in person. The Zoom link will be posted in the days before the event. For those attending online please read this posts:  Guidelines for Virtual Events 

March 18th Zazen Intensive Schedule

8:50amSeated in Zendo; Gosei
9:00am-9:50pmZazen; Zazen; Kinhin
10:00am-10:50pmZazen; Zazen; Kinhin
11:00am-11:50pmZazen; Zazen
12pm to 1:20pmMidday Break
1:20pmSeated in Zendo; Gosei
1:30pm to 2:20pmZazen; Zazen; Kinhin
2:30pm to 3:20pmZazen; Zazen; Kinhin
3:30pm to 4:20pmZazen; Zazen
4:30pm to 5:50pmEvening Break
5:50pmSeated in Zendo; Gosei
6pm to 6:50pmUninterrupted Zazen
7pm to 7:50pmZazen; Zazen; Kinhin
8pm to 8:45pmZazen; Zazen
All times Pacific Time. Please arrive/tune in ten minutes before scheduled events.
Events in Bold will be streamed.

Zoom Link: [Event has Passed]

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