August 2022 Daylong Retreat

Please join us for a day of intensive practice deep in the dog days of summer. As we begin to ramp up for the Autumn training period and sesshin in September this a valuable opportunity to recommit to the practice.

All of the events of this retreat are open for online and drop-in attendance only. Coming in-person requires for you to be fully vaccinated.  One can drop in for any or all of the available periods but there will be no meals provided or a residency option.

We will continue to broadcast these retreats via Zoom for those unable to join us in person.  We will begin the online broadcast during regular Friday evening zazen and conclude after Sunday’s Zazenkai allowing for one to be able to extend ones practice beyond the full day.

Essential Information for those joining online
• Please tune in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time so you can be settled.
• Download the monastery schedule: Daylong Retreat Schedule
• The sutra book we will be using can be downloaded here: Virtual Sutra book
• Read these posts:  Guidelines for Virtual Events and Orientation to Virtual Sesshin.
• To receive the links for Virtual Events by email: Tahoma Virtual Events mailing list.

Broadcast Schedule

Friday, August 17th
6:30pm to 8:20pm: Zazen

Saturday, August 18th
5am to 7am: Choka; Zazen
11:00am to Noon: Zazen
2pm to 4:00pm: Dharma Talk; Zazen
6:00pm to 8:45pm: Zazen 

Sunday, August 19th
8:00am to 9:30am:: Zazenkai

Zoom Link:

Retreat Schedule

Saturday August 20th

5:00amChoka  (sutras p.3-14); Sampai; Han
5:40amZazen (short period); Kinhin
6:00amZazen; Zazen
7:00amBreakfast break [Self-Directed]
8:15amSamu [Self-Directed]
11:00amZazen; Zazen
11:55amLunch break [Self-Directed]
2:00pmDharma Talk; Kinhin
3:00pmZazen; Zazen
4:15pmPhysical/Outside practice [Self-Directed]
5:00pmDinner break [Self-Directed]
6:00pmUninterrupted Zazen; Han Kinhin;
7:00pmZazen; Zazen; Kinhin
8:00pmZazen; Zazen
8:45pmHan; Closing Sutra (p.17)Sampai
9:00pmKaichin; Yaza
All times Pacific Time. Please arrive/tune in ten minutes before scheduled events.
Events in Bold will be streamed.


Please email us with any questions: Contact Information

This retreat is offered without charge, however there are costs to putting it on, so please consider making a donation online or in person with this in mind.