Buddha’s Birthday Celebration

April 8th is the day where we traditionally celebrate the historical Buddha’s birthday. The legend is that there was a sweet rain of flowers when the Buddha was born. He immediately took seven steps representing the seven cardinal directions and pointing up to the sky and down toward the earth said “Above the heavens and below the earth I alone am the world honored one!” We honor this event with a ceremony where we bath a statue of the baby Buddha with sweet tea and offer incense.

We will begin at 6am with a period of zazen, followed by a short chant service and then the ceremonial bathing of the baby buddha and offering of incense. We will conclude with chanting of the four great Bodhisattva vows and sampai (prostrations).

This event is open to all those who are vaccinated with the booster. You are also welcome to join us for our morning chant service and zazen for which you should be seated in the zendo by 4:50am. If you wish to come just for the ceremony please arrive around 5:50am and join in the walking meditation before we begin the service at 6am.

We will also broadcast this event online for those unable to join us in person. You will need to have a copy of the updated version of our Virtual Sutra Book which contains all of the necessary chants.

Zoom Link: [Event has passed]

Order of events
5:50am Walking meditation – please join during this period.
6:00am Zazen
6:30am Ceremony
Hannya Shingyo (page 6)
Sho Sai Shu Dharani (page 7)
Dai Hi Shu Dharani (page 10)
Eko (read by densu)
Verse of Ambrosial Nectar (page 42)
Bathing of the buddha and offering of incense
Chanting: Four Great Vows (page 13)

Sutra Book: 2021 Sutra Book

Please contact us with any questions. We are only able hold these events thanks your generous support.