Tahoma Spring Reopening Guidance

Tahoma Zen Monastery is now operating on its regular schedule for the Fully Vaccinated.

WA State’s mask mandate ended mid-March and we have been carefully monitoring the state of the pandemic in our region. While there is still ongoing concern with new variants we are beginning the process of resuming our regular schedule.

All of our daily and monthly events are open for those who are fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated includes the booster. Thus we will hold our regular Choka, Evening Zazen, Zazenkai and Retreats for those who are fully vaccinated without masks. Zazenkai tea will be held out doors on the Kitchen Deck throughout the summer.

We are still maintaining distance in the zendo and will keeping windows open to keep the air circulating. Masks are optional and we absolutely respect anyone’s choice to wear one or not. It is still best practice to stay home if you feel sick and to continue to regularly wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. We will adopt guidance as it becomes available and respond to circumstances as warranted. Please always check the website for updates on our status before coming to any event.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.