Virtual Practice with Watermoon Dojo

NOTE: The Zoom link has been updated for Tuesday’s event.

The second Monday of most months the head monk from Tahoma Zen Monastery visits Watermoon Dojo in Seattle, for an evening and morning or practice. As we are currently Staying at Home we will observe these events virtually using Zoom. While we of course will miss our time at WMD, this does allow anyone to take part in this virtual visit. If interested in taking part, please read through our Virtual Practice Guidelines before joining the events.

Monday June 8th, 7:00pm to 8:30pm PDT
7:00pm: Chant Service (Heart Sutra, Song of Zazen, Dai Segaki)
7:15pm: Two periods of zazen
7:55pm: Han / Kinhin (or break)
8:00pm: Short talk and Q&A
8:25pm Concluding zazen and chanting of the Four Great Vows

Download a PDF with all the chants here: Chant booklet

Zoom Link: [event has passed]

Tuesday June 9th, 6:30am to 8:30am PDT
6:30am Choka (chant service)
7:00am Zazen
7:20am Han / Kinhin (or break)
7:30am: Dharma talk
8:00am Zazen
8:30am Conclude with a few minutes for chatting

We will follow the Tahoma Choka, omitting the Enmei Jukko Kannon Gyo and after the Four Great Vows we will chant Dai Segaki for the dead and dying and conclude with Sampai.

Download sutra book here: Tahoma Sutra book
Dai Segaki can be found here: Chant booklet

Zoom Link: [event has passed]

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