Guidance in the time of Corona 29

Dear All,

Today is the 21st of May, we did let go of all the corona information for a while and had sesshin with 27 people. In 2 days we will have our next sesshin, the time inbetween is used by the people of training to look around and see the situation.

The lockdown is being relieved in many countries, in many towns, moving one step ahead. Yet the data is still showing that many people are still being infected, as well as many people dying.

I just found a DVD in my cupboard from 15 year ago, a documentary made by the BBC . For my own study I watched this DVD and was most astonished to see that the situation happening now is exactly being described in that documentary from 15 years ago.

At that time it was certain that this would happen, all types of information were showing in this direction. All this was already know by the experts, politicians, economists. Even while it had not happened, yet it was already warned that this would bring great distress to all people. In the past we have been through many pandemics, looking at these times, the Spanish fever for example, many people died at that time. Nowadays we are lucky that medicine has developed and can support people to some degree who have become infected.

Experts say that humans developed, evolved while fighting viruses. Our evolution was urged on by the viruses affecting us. Thanks to these viruses, we developed. A virus is not an enemy, yet it brings forth our life force. We do have desires and self satisfaction, this being our base, we do things not without meaning, but bring forth confusion ourselves.
Thus while we try to take one step ahead, we need to be responsible, we cannot only follow our own desires and self satisfaction. This is important for all of humanity now. We learn this now, we can develop as humans and create a society where we can help one another. How is this possible? This is where we need to focus.

In Buddhism it says: If you want to know the past, look at the present. If you want to know the future, look at the present face. This is the teaching of Mahayana Buddhism that all is based on cause and effect.

Humans started off fighting one another, yet as time goes by, we created a society which developed more and more social values as well, supporting also the weak in the system. When we see this, the situation now could not have been imagined by anyone. We were just living according to our desires and wishes. Now the corona virus is teaching us that we need to cooperate. We need to help one another. This is what is right in front of our face.

Now countries need to see clearly how they can continue, making depts yet supporting the people of the country now so that each person may be supported in their wish to live. We never had a situation like this and it demand great effort from all of us.

For those who have become unemployed because their company became bankrupt, they don´t know how to continue not receiving any income, those people need our support now. This is our actuality. The corona virus is our enemy yet also the source of us being able to evolve at this moment now. We have been falling apart in many different classes and countries, yet now we do need to support one another, this is our lesson now.

We can review ourselves, not just following along but checking for ourselves, how can we open or eye of wisdom, this effort is needed. In Mahayana Buddhism the mysterious not two. Self and other are not separated, they are not two. This world and me are one, past and present and future are not separate, they are tied together.

In the sutras the Dhammapada teaching the law of cause and effect by taking the sample of a lotus flower. The lotus flower does not grow in the pure mountain waters. The lotus only grows from mud and from there it blossoms. While it rises up from the mud, the flower and leaves are beautiful and have not the slightest bit of dirt or mud stuck to them. This is the mysterious not two.

Not running away from challenges, from a difficult situation and country, but taking all your strength each person can let their flower blossom. Not just as a mental idea, but in our hands, in our feet, in our efforts we need to find the truth. These efforts cannot be stopped.

This fall, whether there will be rain or storm, I still keep picking the weeds today.

Whether it will be gain or loss, joy or sorrow, this is not what we look at, but how we can live in a straight forward way, that is what we need to look at, or else it becomes mental, hoping for something better in the future. This would not be a healthy way of living.

We learn from yesterday, we have hope for tomorrow and walk each step now strongly connected to the ground. Each person needs to reflect upon the value of their life. A see of grain was the beginning, bringing forth uncountable grains. Thus we have our karma of the past, and according to our wish for the future, we can bring forth the result we have hoped for.

The pain, suffering, anxiety, loneliness of each person cannot drown us, but by taking each step with all the life energy we have, a new path opens up. This is my great wish for all.