Tahoma Covid-19 Pandemic Update

Tahoma Status for May, 2020 
Washington State’s Stay At Home policy has been extended through May as we ramp up testing.  We are following the mandate and there is no public zazen and no in person events through the month. As certain milestones are met Washington will progress through Four Phases of opening’ each phase allowing for a wider range of activities with increasingly larger groups permitted.  When we arrive at Phase Two we will open up for daily zazen with limit of five (5) people in the zendo. When we reach Phase Three we will open again for Zazenkai, though still without the communal tea. Phase Four allows for gatherings of fifty (50) people which we are not expected to reach until August.  It is not certain whether physical distancing will still be in place for these larger events, but if they are we will have to really consider what kind of events we can hold here and how to stay in alignment with the guidelines.

Details on Washington’s phases and the restrictions involved in each one can be found here: Washingtons Phased Approach

Where we currently are at can be found here: Risk Assessment Dashboard.

Between the two resources linked above we can tell where Washington is at and how far it has to go to reach the next phase. We here at Tahoma are constantly monitoring the situation and are working on how best to serve the sangha within these guidelines. As always for the most up to date information on the status of the Monastery, sesshin and other events, please continue to monitor this website. Also consider joining our email list: Monastery Messages.