Guidance in the time of Corona 17

Dear All,

Are you breathing deeply ? While receiving all types of information, the end of the restrictions are not in sight yet. Unsettled feelings increase. Luckily in Sogenji 27 people are doing Osesshin, the air in the zendo is sharp and tight. The people here are aware of the situation in the world. Thus they take this chance to sit even more serious. Exhaling to the last point of the breath, not making a gap between the breaths, each mind moment as its says in the Enmei Jikko Kannon gyo starts to connect to the next mind moment and no gaps are even possible.

When we experience this then the air around us is sharp. We affect others by the aura, the air around us and the other way round, other´s air affect us. Experiencing this for ourselves, our zazen becomes alive. I see people in sanzen and can feel this strongly. In this way we can experience this for ourselves, using our breath to deepen even at times when we sit alone and do not have others supporting us by sitting together. I would like to ask you all to please exhale to the very end of the breath. Then do not follow any ideas and extraneous thoughts. Thus a bright state of mind is developed.

This is how we invigorate our blood flow, especially the blood going to our brain, by exhaling to the last point of the breath, even practicing this for just ten minutes, then our head becomes light and clear. Our state of mind becomes settled and serene. The outer challenges may exist but they do not effect our deepest center.

Exhale to the last point, not making a gap, like fish eggs lying on top of each other, if we continue in this way, we feel most settled in our state of mind. This refreshes our wisdom and let´s it grow. There is the physical aspect of the breathing, but our actual essence becomes more and more pure. From there our perception is sharp and to the point. That is important, how we can use the breathing correctly and bring forth our ability which we have from the origin in its fullest.

Continuing the breathing, we do not trip, we do not drop things, because our brain and nerves are invigorated. Each breath is supporting our health and stable state of mind as well as clarifying our wisdom. Our daily practice is important.

There are two types of exhalation, I have explained this before. One long breath or many short exhalations following quickly after one another. Like a bamboo has separations and if we want to make a hole through a bamboo, we need to put pressure over and over to pierce through the separations. Our exhalation is always coming from the tanden and is gathering energy.

Now all over the world, people cannot bear the pressure anymore, many problems are arising because of this in many societies. The clear vision is lost. Please use your breathing to again purify your mind and stay healthy in body and in mind.