June 15th Day of Practice

June Day of Practice at Tahoma 

The next regularly schedule practice day will be June 15th. This full day of zazen will run from 4:50a.m. until 8:30p.m. with formal Breakfast and Lunch. As we move into summer our focus continues to be working in the garden for the monasteries needs. Thus for this Day of Practice we will allow enough Samu time to make sure all the plants are watered, weeds pulled and the like along with our normal “inside cleaning.”

Resuming the Day of Practice after our hiatus for the May Training Period we will continue our study of the Diamond Sutra. We will be utilizing the Red Pine translation and  along with  the commentary by the Sixth Patriarch Hui-neng, in The Sutra of Hui-neng,  if you’d like to engage in this with your own copy.  As always one is welcome to come before evening zazen on Friday and stay through Zazenkai on Sunday for a full 36 hours of practice. Further details on practice at Tahoma over this weekend can be found at the end of this post.

The Schedule for this day will be:

4:50 Seated in Zendo; Gosei
5:00 Choka (Sutras)
5:40 Zazen
5:55 Kinhin
6:00 Han; Zazen; Zazen
6:55 Breakfast
Breakfast Cleanup
8:15 Samu (Clappers; meet at deck)
10:40 Samu ends (Clappers)
11:00  Seated in Zendo; Gosei
11:10 Zazen; Zazen
12:00 Lunch
Kitchen Cleanup
1:50 Seated in Zendo; Gosei
2:00 Reading; Zazen; Zazen; Kinhin; Zazen; Zazen*
4:00 Supper (optional, free-style)*
5:20 Seated in Zendo; Gosei
5:30 Zazen; Zazen; Kinhin;
6:30 Zazen; Zazen; Kinhin; Zazen; Zazen
8:30 Kaichin in kitchen

The Monastery’s regularly scheduled periods of zazen from 5 am to 7 am and 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm will still be observed and anyone can drop in for either of these or any of the other zazen periods. You are also welcome to arrive on Friday before the Practice Day and/or stay though Zazenkai on Sunday, if you’d like to extend your practice. In all cases it is expected that the monasteries schedule will be followed.

Please email us If you’d like to attend, especially if you will be coming early or staying later or if you have any questions:

*  Note
 In the case that the only registered participants in the Day of Practice are Monastery Residents, the 2pm to 4pm  period will be freestyle zazen. Drop-ins are welcome to sit in the zendo, just know that it will be unstructured until Zazen at 5:20pm.