Samu Day September 1st 2018

The September 2018 training period at Tahoma Zen Monastery begins on Wednesday the 5th.  We will have a day of samu on Saturday, September 1st so that we may all work together to ready the monastery for this period of training.  Samu is a natural extension of our training allowing us to freely move from work on the cushion to simple work with our hands, to the complex interactions of our daily lives. This day of samu will allow us to engage in this deep work and to share our efforts with the sangha.  So please join us for any portion of the work period that you can.

Samu Day Schedule

5:00am Choka
6:00am Zazen
7:00am Formal Breakfast
8:30am Samu begins
12:30pm Lunch

We will be on the regular monastery schedule on this day and everyone is welcome to come for any part of it. If you would like to come for choka and take part in the formal morning meal do let us know you are coming for planning purposes. The monastery will provide simple food for an informal lunch. Food donations for this day, or for sesshin are more than welcome!

Please email us at with any questions or to let us know if you plan to attend prior to the samu period.

Directions to the monastery can be found here.