September 2018 Training at Tahoma

September Training Period

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Once the application deadline listed on announcement has passed, and applications have been processed, a follow up email with more information will be sent.

Please read this blog for sesshin guidelines. It’s expected that you plan your stay to participate in sesshin preparation and clean up at the monastery.

Harada Roshi Sesshin:
Kokuho for Osesshin: Wednesday, 5 September

Osesshin: 7 days:
Thursday, 6 September – Wednesday, 12 September: ending in late evening of 12 September.
Full time participation ONLY.

Kokuho for the Roshi’s five day kosesshin: Thursday, 13 September

Kosesshin: 5 days, Friday, 14 September – Tuesday, 18 September, ending in evening of 18 September. Part-time participation accepted.

Daichi Zenni Kosesshin: 4-5 days
Kokuho: 19 September Wednesday
20 Thurs, 21 Fri, 22 Sat, 23 Sun, 24 Mon

[Tentatively; 24th. may be cancelled] 
Part-time participation accepted. 

Water Moon Dojo One Day Sesshin with Daichi Zenni, Sept 28, Seattle

Tahoma Sogenji San Zen Monastery

6499 Wahl Road
Freeland WA 98249

(360) 331-4142

Thank you