From Roshi’s New Years Teisho

Our Buddha Nature is absolutely mu, that mu has no form, no shape, never was born, never will die and is called MU only for wanting of something better to call it.

The Buddha sees everything as Buddha Nature, our  body and the universe are one and the same but that is so hard to grasp.

We so easily get caught in greed, anger and delusion that we have a hard time comprehending, what  should we do then?? 

We need to see clearly and objectively that the person who is a deluded person can also be a Buddha Nature.

The Buddha was called the one of Great Alignment. He gave short phrases to his disciples to repeat over and over, continually, all day long. He taught them if they did this ongoingly, they would be able to enter the same state of mind as the Buddha

These phrases we repeat become our bones and our flesh, and then we realize that wide open state of mind that is equal in each and every person,

We can do this if we sit and repeat these phrases until they come  spontaneously. We will then enter this state of mind where we are  not thinking about anything at all. 

Then truly that wisdom with which each of us is endowed from birth gives us a radiance which can illuminate all  others from within ourselves. Equally, from ourself to others.

This is the same state of mind as the Buddha and we see that all beings are in this state of mind, and that we must become this state of mind and know the deep way of living that is held equally by all beings.

From there we can liberate  people from their delusions, awaken them to their Buddha Nature. and awaken their minds.