Daichi Zenni Roshi Kosesshins: April, May, and July 2017

Daichi Zenni will offer three upcoming Kosesshin at Tahoma:

April 4-8 Kosesshin

(Chisan arrives April 3, Kosesshin is April 4, 5, 6, 7, and morning of 8, and April 8 evening Chisan will offer Buddha’s Birthday at Watermoon Dojo 6-8:30 pm. (Ceremony 6-7, Sitting zazen 7- 8:30)

May 17-24 Kosesshin

(May 25-27 Chisan will be here for daily sitting schedule without sesshin)

July 13-17 Kosesshin

Attendance is welcome to all.

Partial attendance is allowed.

Donations for daily attendance are suggested.

To attend please contact Tahoma via phone or email

Held at:

Tahoma Zen Monastery

6499 Wahl Rd, Freeland, WA 98249 (360) 331-4142