Rohatsu Retreat and Bodhi Day Ceremony

Rohatsu Retreat and Bodhi Day Ceremony
December 3rd-10th, 2023

The autumn training period culminates with the Rohtasu sesshin commemorating the Buddha’s awakening.  This is always the most intense training period of the year in which one brings a years worth of training to bear.  This year Rohatsu at Tahoma will run from December 3rd through the 10th with extended practice during our regular schedule leading up to a weekend retreat and culminating in the Bodhi Day Ceremony during regular Sunday Zazenkai. The Bodhi Day ceremony this year is open to all and at the very reasonable time of 8am. I would like to encourage all in the community, especially those who haven’t come to zazenkai in while, to consider coming for this ceremony and connecting with the local sangha.  We will follow the Bodhi Day ceremony with a casual holiday gathering in the Tahoma kitchen.

This follows the pattern we have utilized with Rohatsu at Tahoma where our days get longer and more intense as we go through the week as well as acknowledging the realities of practice here at this time. Likewise as is our tradition each evening of the retreat in the first period after golden hour we will read from Hakuin Zenji’s Rohatsu Exhortations (available here). 

All of the practice periods during this time are open to drop-in attendance and during the weekend retreat, residential practice. Additionally the entire retreat will be broadcast via zoom. The Zoom link will be posted on the website in the days prior and sent out in the Tahoma Events weekly mailing.  Please contact us if you would like to take part in residential practice or if you have any additional questions.

Schedule Overview

Day 1: Sunday, December 3rd
8am – 9:30am: Zazenkai and Rohatsu opening with reading from Rohatsu Exhortations.

Day 2: Monday, December 4th 
6pm – 8:45pm: Zazen with reading from the Rohatsu Exhortations around 7pm.

Days 3-5: Tuesday – Thursday December 7th
5am – 7am: Choka and Zazen
6pm – 8:45pm: Zazen with reading from the Rohatsu Exhortations around 7pm.

Days 6:  Friday, December 8th
5am-7am: Choka and Zazen
11-noon: Zazen
2pm – 4pm: Dharma Talk and zazen
6pm – 9:25pm: Zazen with reading from the Rohatsu Exhortations around 7pm.
Please see the Rohatsu Sesshin Schedule for these days.

Day 7:  Saturday, December 9th
5am-7am: Choka and Zazen
10am-noon: Zazen
2pm – 4pm: Dharma Talk and zazen
6pm – 10pm: Zazen with reading from the Rohatsu Exhortations around 7pm.
Please see the Rohatsu Sesshin Schedule for these days.

Day 8: Sunday, December 10th
5am – 6:30am: Choka and Zazen
8am – 9:30am: Zazenkai and Bodhi Day Ceremony

Essential Information for those joining online
• Please tune in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time so you can be settled.
• Download the monastery schedule: Rohatsu Sesshin Schedule
• The sutra book we will be using can be downloaded here: Virtual Sutra book
• Read these posts:  Guidelines for Virtual Events and Orientation to Virtual Sesshin.
• To receive the links for Virtual Events by email: Tahoma Events mailing list.

Zoom Link:

Please email us with any questions: Contact Information

This retreat is offered without charge, however there are costs to putting it on, so please consider making a donation online or in person with this in mind.

Tahoma Autumn/Winter 2023 Schedule

November 23rd
5am: Regular morning service.
No evening meditation.

November 24th
No morning service.
6:30pm: Regular evening meditation.

December 3rd
Zazenkai 8am. In person and online. Start of Rohatsu Sesshin.
Details: Rohatsu Retreat.

December 4th-7th
5am: Regular morning service.
6pm-8:45pm : Extended evening meditation in observance of Rohatsu.
All events offered in person and online.
Details: Rohatsu Retreat.

December 8th and 9th
Rohatsu Weekend Retreat. In person and online.
Details: Rohatsu Retreat.

December 10th
No Events.

December 10th, Bodhi Day Ceremony and Holiday Gathering
8am: Bodhi Day ceremony during our regular Zazenkai. Open to all.
9:30am: Followed by an informal holiday gathering.
Details: Rohatsu Retreat And Bodhi Day Ceremony.

December 23rd, 2023 – January 5th, 2024
Winter closure: no online or in-person events

January 6th, 2024
Regular daily schedule resumes.

All days not specifically listed will be on our regular schedule. Please see our Calendar for the events offered for each day. This is kept up to date with any changes to the daily schedule.

November 2023 Daylong Retreat

November 4th, 2023, 4:50am to 9pm (PST)

This first weekend of November we will dive into intensive investigation of this great matter with a period set aside for extended practice.  This weekend event, centered on Saturdays full day of practice, is open for residential and drop-in attendance. If you would like to stay on campus and make the most of this weekend of practice please contact us to make arrangements. Please be aware that there is a minimum number of attendees required for us to support residential practice. We request that everyone who intends to join us beyond dropping in for a single period contact us with your plans.

Additionally we will continue to broadcast these retreats via Zoom for those unable to join us in person.  We will begin the online broadcast during regular Friday evening zazen and conclude after Sunday’s Zazenkai allowing for one to be able to extend ones practice beyond the full day. 

Essential Information for those joining online
• Please tune in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time so you can be settled.
• Download the monastery schedule: Daylong Retreat Schedule
• The sutra book we will be using can be downloaded here: Virtual Sutra book
• Read these posts:  Guidelines for Virtual Events and Orientation to Virtual Sesshin.
• To receive the links for Virtual Events by email: Tahoma Events mailing list.

Broadcast Schedule

Friday, November 3rd
6:30pm to 8:15pm: Zazen 

Saturday, November 4th
5am to 7am: Choka; Zazen
10:30am to Noon: Zazen
2pm to 4:00pm: Dharma Talk; Zazen
6:00pm to 8:45pm: Zazen 

Zoom Link: [event has passed

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Tahoma Schedule Update


Please note there will be no morning service from October 2nd – 21st. Evening Zazen and Sunday Zazenkai will continue as normal.

Monday through Saturday
Evening Zazen: 6:30 p.m. – 6:20 p.m.
Evening Zazen: 7:30 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Zazenkai (community practice): 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.. 
Followed by informal tea to around 10a.m.

Always check our calendar before coming, if there isn’t an entry for a given day then there is no event that day.

2024 Calendars Now Available

You can pick them up in person at Tahoma Zen Monastery or Tanden Zendo LA. Please contact those establishments to arrange pickups. Contact Myosho with orders or questions:

Harada Roshi’s 2024 One Drop Calendars are now available.
20”x 26”   Hand Screened on high quality paper. 

If you are able to pick up your calendar in person at a One Drop Zendo:
1 calendar $20
10 calendars $150

Shipping is also available, please contact Myosho for rates. Shipping is only available to the U. S. and Canada. 

To order calendars, please contact Myosho at:

Public Teisho During September OSesshin

Please Note
There will be no public teisho on September 9th.

Every day during the September OSesshin (Sept 6th – 12th) except for the 9th, there will be a daily Teisho (dharma talk) from Shodo Harada Roshi. Talks are in Japanese with translations by Daichi Zenni. The talks begin at 1pm and it is requested that attendees arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to walk to the zendo and get settled. There will be staff to assist with parking and making your way to zendo. There will be chairs and cushions available for seating and staff on hand to facilitate finding your seat.

Roshi will be speaking on koans from the Blue Cliff Record, please do come for this unique opportunity to hear a living Zen Master speak on the words of our Zen ancestors. 

Directions to the Monastery can be found here:
Visiting Tahoma Zen Monastery

Practice Schedule August 28th-September 1st

During the week of Monday, August 28th through Friday September 1st we will be observing our regular practice schedule, with opportunities for mediation, chanting and work practice. Please join us if you are able and interested in engaging in a sampling of monastic practice

Tuesday through Friday early morning
Choka (sutra chanting): 4:50 a.m. – 5:50 a.m.
Kinhin (walking meditation): 5:50a.m. – 6:00 a.m.
Zazen (meditation): 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.

Monday through Friday morning
Samu (work practice): 8:30am – 12noon

Monday through Friday evening
Zazen (meditation): 6:30 p.m. – 7:20 p.m.
Kinhin (walking meditation): 7:20p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Zazen: 7:30 p.m. – 8:15 p.m

These events are open for the public, and one is able to come to either of the two blocks in the evening or morning, arriving or departing during the walking meditation.

Additionally from Monday through Friday we will be working on a housing project, garden work and preparations for our upcoming week long retreat. This samu (work practice) period is open for drop in for anyone who like to assist with these projects and help us to get the monastery ready for our September Retreat. There will always be lunch served after the work practice.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make any arrangements.

Community Samu Weekend August 26th and 27th

As we roll into the Autumn Training period and the sesshin being held here at the end of summer we will hold a weekend of work practice to prepare the monastery and work on various projects. We will gather together at the monastery Saturday and Sunday mornings to engage in myriad tasks: preparing our buildings for retreat, working on the grounds, prep work for several construction projects, kitchen and sewing projects. There is a diverse array of tasks for all abilities, time commitments, physical condition and energy. The monastery is much more than the grounds and buildings, it is the community, the sangha, and we would dearly love to have your support over this weekend.

We will be following the regular monastery schedule on this weekend and if you’d like take take part in morning or evening zazen you are more than welcome to join in. Each morning will have a period of several hours for working in which you are welcome to come when you can and stay as long as you are able. We will conclude each day with an informal lunch at the dining hall and deck. The schedule for the work practice will be as follows

Saturday August 26th 8:30am, to 1:00pm (PDT)
8:15-8:30am: Meet at the kitchen deck (coffee and tea provided)
8:30am: Work Practice (samu)
12:30pm: Cleanup
1:00pm: Informal Lunch

Please Note:
For those who are so inclind, or are staying at the monastery for the subsequent KoSesshin, there will be an afternoon work period. Inquiry about this during the lunch if interested.

Sunday August 27th 8:00am, to 1:00pm (PDT)
8:00am: Zazenkai in the Zendo (optional)
9:30am: Coffee/Tea at the kitchen deck
10:00am: Work Practice (samu)
12:30pm: Cleanup
1:00pm: Informal Lunch

Please Note:
On Sunday we will hold our regular community practice (Zazenkai) which I encourage everyone to attend, but there is no requirement to do so if you’d like to just come for the samu.

Directions to Tahoma Zen Monastery: Getting Here.
Please contact us if you have any questions: contact information.

We hope to see you this weekend as we all pull together in support of our monastery!

August/September Sesshin at Tahoma

Dear One Drop Sangha and Friends,

The September 2023 OSesshin with Harada Roshi at Tahoma Zen Monastery begins with kokuho on the evening of September 5th and concludes the evening of September 12th. 

There will also be two retreats in August that will be lead by Tahoma monks: 

August 25th – 27th: a weekend samu (work) retreat. 

August 28th – September 1st: a samu KoSesshin.

OSesshin: Tuesday, September 5th – Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Signups for the OSesshin are closed.

  • Kokuho is Tuesday evening, September 5th.
  • Full time participation is required. OSesshin, led by Harada Roshi, concludes the evening of Tuesday, September 12th.
  • The application for OSesshin will be available July 14th. The link to the application is near the bottom of this email. 
  • The cost of OSesshin is $450. 

The application deadline for OSesshin is Tuesday, August 8th. You will receive an email regarding your acceptance or wait list status soon after the deadline date of August 8th. Please send your sesshin fee once you have been notified of your acceptance. Payment information will be included in the acceptance email. 

Samu Weekend Retreat, August 25th – 27th

Stay the full weekend or come when you can. No registration is required, but please give one day’s notice before you come so we can prepare enough food for everyone.

We’ll start with zazen in the Zendo on Friday evening, August 25th, and continue through Sunday afternoon. Saturday will be the main samu day with work periods and a casual lunch. Sunday will start with Zazenkai followed by a short work period and then lunch. A detailed schedule will be posted on the website and in the July newsletter.

5-day KoSesshin, August 28th – September 1st 

If you’d like to sign up for the KoSesshin please contact the registrar.

We’ll hold a KoSesshin starting the evening of August 28th through to the evening of September 2nd. Registration is required. Register for as many days as you wish.

If you’re coming to OSesshin, consider coming early and participating in this KoSesshin. The KoSesshin will have a longer samu period in the morning, and a teisho (lecture) or question and answer session for part of the afternoon, along with an opportunity for self-practice. Breakfast and lunch will be formal with a free-style supper. 

The samu weekend retreat and the KoSesshin are offered for a suggested donation of $20/day. 

For both events we’ll be working on repairing the yurt, which will include installing a new outer wall, new insulation, and improved flooring so that it is once again usable as sleeping quarters during sesshin. The work to replace the walls will require a few people working together to maneuver the heavy fabric so your help will be appreciated.

We’ll also be working in the garden and in the kitchen to harvest and store produce for sesshin and into the fall. 

Full schedules for these events will be published on the website. 

When you register for the KoSesshin, please select the dates you will attend. The application for the KoSesshin will be available available July 14th, along with the application for the OSesshin. The link to the application is near the bottom of this email.


  • Any help with set up before or clean up following OSesshin would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to arrive a day or two before sesshin and/or stay a day or two after sesshin please contact the monastery to make arrangements. The monastery email address is
  • We are hopeful that we will be able to conduct our September 2023 OSesshin but recognize that our plans, as well as the dates, may need to change suddenly and without notice. If you are purchasing airline tickets please be prepared to cancel your reservations.
  • There may be a wait list for this OSesshin. Those on the wait list will be contacted immediately as spaces become available.

Apply here: Signups are closed for the OSesshin.
Contact the registrar to attend the KoSesshin